Local Life

The village of Arc-en-Barrois offers a golf course next to the château, a bakery, a butcher, two restaurants, a school, a post office and many nearby sporting facilities. The simple delights of nature are all around with everything from hot springs, biking, horseback riding and cultural experiences at a high level.

Upon arrival you will see the town square, located just outside the entrance to the château, with a monument to the city’s fallen in the world wars, a newly renovated town hall, a pharmacy, and the Hotel du Parc.

Arc-en-Barrois is located near the famous “Champagne Route,” where more than 15,000 families are involved in Champagne production. The vast majority of Champagne producers are small family businesses that do not sell their wine to supermarkets, so great deals and wine experiences are waiting for you all around the area. The skiing areas Métabief and Les Rousses are 2hrs 45 min away, Chambéry 3 hrs 30 min away.